Can a Poker Site Ban You for Using Excel?

Posted by techstonia on September 19, 2016

Recently I made a Chrome extension for Unibet. It’s very simple and just displays wins and losses of poker sessions and draws some graphs. However it turns out that it’s not permitted by their terms of service, which states:

You accept and acknowledge that we reserve the right, both at our sole discretion, to detect and prevent the use of prohibited programs, including but not limited to hand trackers, HUDs (heads up displays) and screen capture techniques. These steps may include, but are not limited to, examination of software programs running concurrently with the Unibet poker software on the Player’s device.

Furthermore, it technically also states that you can be banned for using Skype, Adobe Reader or any other arbitrary software. Don’t believe me? Check out the conversation with Unibet representative on Twitter.

Let’s think about a moment here. Usually if someone get’s a ban from a Poker Site, their money is also suspended. Does that mean that it’s possible to use a faulty ToS and keep players money? It’s unlikely, but so was Black Friday and all the shenanigans that happened after that at Full Tilt Poker.

It really is sad that the ToS’s are nowadays so long that we never read them and thus they can get us to accept almost anything. On the other hand - Unibet is a really good poker site, but I doubt they will implement features for displaying graphs and stats. After all 95%+ of poker players are loosing players and who want’s to make people realize that they suck. Right?

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