Some things I have done.

Usually I work with Python. I use it for munging data, scraping web, building simulations and models etc. I'm also very interested in software development and here are some of my pet projects.

A personalised event recommendation system, which was built during European Innovation Academy. I worked mostly on the frontend. Design awesomeness by @LauraKrsmaa.


A simple and lightweight poker trainer with two different modes. Helps to improve intuition about No Limit Texas Holdem. Currently has about 2000 installs. Get it from Google Play Store

Twilio Audio Blog

Call a number, leave a message and your blog post is live! See how to make one yourself. P.S. This post got featured on PyCoders Weekly.

News Scraper

Scrapes Estonian news portals and sorts headlines by comment count.


Boogle is a webapp where people can lend books. It was built to learn more about Meteor - the fullstack JS framework.

Simon Game

A classic Simon Game - can you remember the patterns?


Yes, this is a calculator. You're free to use it if your operating system doesn't include one.


A battery themed pomodoro clock. Unleash your potential with this clock.

Simple user list. A pretty thingie, but I have to say I ripped the design off from the original one. The code is unique though.