PokerQuiz released

Posted by techstonia on April 10, 2014

I built a small android app called PokerQuiz, which as you can guess is a quiz about poker. It has two modes – the Equity Quiz mode and the Nash Quiz mode. The Equity Quiz mode helps people to improve their intuition about the equity on different streets and in different situations. Nash Quiz mode will help to memorize the Heads-Up Equilibrium table. It is also possible to specify ranges so it would be easier to learn about equities between some specific card combinations.

Anyway it’s a small and simple app and I don’t expect it to be the next Angry Birds. I learned a lot during creating it and I’m proud of the visual side as it doesn’t look like a person from 80’s designed it. Actually I didn’t create the design, but my girlfriend did who is a professional graphic designer. ;-)

Try it on Google Store. Now it’s time to build something else.

Equity Quiz

Nash Quiz

Range Selector

Some places where I promoted my app:

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