European Innovation Academy

Posted by techstonia on August 17, 2015

I participated in European Innovation Academy 2015, which describes itself as “The World’s Largest Extreme Accelerator Focused on IT Innovations”. The whole program is 3 weeks long and one week is dedicated to building a minimum viable product. Here is the description of the project we worked on: helps outgoing people spend less time on finding events to their liking. Using complex filters and searches to find events is often frustrating. Nifty solves that issue by applying machine learning algorithms developed at the University of Cambridge to recommend events based on the users likes and dislikes. Nifty launched in London during European Innovation Academy programme held in Nice, France in July 2015.

With our MVP we managed to get into the top 10 of the best technical executions and got the best design award as well. We also had the best team (imho), but they didn’t give awards for it. ;-) | Nifty on Twitter | Nifty on Facebook

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