Free Code Camp Review

Posted by techstonia on September 21, 2015

When I first saw Free Code Camp I was immediately hooked. Not that there aren’t already enough online resources for learning to code, but because it seemed more progressive and holistic than others. For example there is also The Odin Project, but last time I checked the site, it just listed some learning material and basically said “go learn it somehow”. While on the other hand FCC walks you through all the necessary steps to become somewhat proficient fullstack dev. Don’t get me wrong - I do believe that a good dev has to be able to learn by themselves, but we shouldn’t underestimate a good roadmap. FCC focuses mostly on MEAN stack - Mongodb, Angular, Express.js and Node, but actually one can choose their own as long as it’s JavaScript based.

For a while I was looking for an excuse to brush up my JavaScript skills, so I decided to give FCC a go. The course starts with basics and the tasks are small enough to feel instant gratification after completing an item. It also doesn’t hurt that there is an option to work on real life projects by helping non-profits. Kind of like an online internship. After some studying, participants have to start building projects. For example they’ll let you do a JavaScript Calculator using Angular or more full-stackish application like webapp for managing a bookclub, where people can browse available books or list their own and lend them. For the bookclub I used Meteor, which is my current favourite fullstack framework.

I would definitely recommend FCC to anyone looking to learn to code. Although I have to admit that FCC is still quite buggy, especially the instructions for learning more advanced stuff, they are working hard to push fixes frequently. The community is also very helpful and nice. Check out their chatroom.

My FCC profile with projects

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